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Welcome to BIOMED SIMULATION Knowledge Base
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Routine maintenance

Draining out Califia

  1. Turn off the roller pump
  2. Open both valves to 100%; open the Peristaltic Pump lid
  3. Exit from the Califia Simulator program
  4. Turn Califia OFF and remove power & Ethernet cables
  5. Unclamp the venous line if needed; as water drains from the reservoir, tilt it towards the venous line exit so most of the water in the reservoir drains
  6. Rotate the roller pump manually clockwise to suck all water from the arterial and water reference lines
  7. Clamp both tubes into venous and arterial fittings and remove them from Califia
  8. Remove ¼” tubing from both CP Flow and Vent fittings
  9. Carefully drain Califia in a bucket by tilting it on the corner closest to the reservoir level scale
  10. Use paper towels to drain the tank and let it sit to dry